“We live in a world where communication rules. I’ve made communication my field the minute I discovered its importance. We cannot avoid communicating. Even deciding not to communicate is a kind of communication. A lot of personal and professional experiences made me the woman I am today. My passion is to communicate change and to inspire people to become communicators of change”. NMK

Dr. Nadine Mounzer-Karam is a trilingual communication expert, coach, university instructor, trainer, mediator, consultant, author and entrepreneur.

She has a large experience in consulting, coaching, training and inspiring people from different backgrounds.

Many years of coaching, consulting, and training in communication have finally given birth to NMK Academy!

What’s in NMK?

4 different categories to ensure tackling all of your needs:

When we developed this platform, we had YOU in our minds!

We’re committed to help you find your True North so we’ve developed our services accordingly:
Pre-recorded programs, live seminars, trainings and workshops.
Not only that, but we have tailored and on-demand coaching and training!