Secrets to Turning Your Grief into a Meaningful Life & Inspiring Others to do the Same

Within four years and four months, I chronologically lost my office in an explosion, my little brother in a road accident, my first baby Michael in the fifth month of pregnancy, my aunt to cancer, and my Dad to a heart attack.

During that same timeframe, I also gave birth to my two children, Kevin and Kris.

It was too much for one person or a couple to handle. Way too much. I was struggling financially, physically, and emotionally. Every bit of me was aching.

From the outside, I was leading a “normal” life.
From the inside, I was a total mess. Empty. Worthless. Lost. Dying. Slowly. Painfully. I was constantly “running” through my busy schedule, doing my best to keep the balance. Running I was, but most importantly, I was “running away” from “me.”

I was “keeping it together,” whereas nothing inside me was “together.” I was torn into pieces.
But one day, after a major event, I took one decision.
And you can too. Nothing should stop you. It takes one decision.

Even if you’ve been through Hell, Life is beautiful.
You just need to turn your struggles into meaning.
It will change your life and the one of so many others…

Yes, you have this power no matter what happened to you.
It’s a God given power.
Just take it, one tiny little step at a time!


Secrets to be a Winner in Every Situation

If you are an ambitious individual or professional willing to find your meaning in life and understand others better, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE MADE EASY is your shot to be a WINNER in EVERY situation!To be fulfilled and goal-oriented under all circumstances, one must be aware of one’s emotions, strengths, and weaknesses.

This book helps you understand the importance of emotional intelligence in all life aspects of life and how to understand one’s emotions and use them for proper communication with others, for the person’s well-being, and for healthy relationships.

You will know how to build emotional intelligence through emotional self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management.

It will also tackle stress management, adaptability, reality testing, flexibility, and problem-solving.

You will witness a real difference in your life when you acquire these skills and apply them.

It is definitely life-changing!



How to Choose your Academic Major based on Your Personality and Passion for Leading a Meaningful Life

If you are struggling to make decisions about your future, not knowing what major, university, or job to choose, or aren’t sure of the options and opportunities you have, here’s a book that will definitely guide your way, and help you make smart, correct choices.

This book is about themes you should consider when making your academic choice: Happiness, purpose in life, education, career, passion, vision, character and personality, emotional intelligence, and goal-setting.

You will find a straight-to-the-point explanation of the topic in each module, its prominence, practical tips, and “how to.”

Deep brain-teaser questions follow each section. These self-reflective questions give you the chance to think of, find, analyze, compare, filter, and prioritize what makes you who you are: the distinct, unique, talented, ambitious, special you!

By deeply reflecting on these questions, you will be able to discover your true self, purpose, and goal in life.

Accordingly, you will be totally capable of making accurate decisions regarding your future, college, degree, career, or life.

The ultimate goal is that you live a very happy life!
This book will be your all-time favorite ‘handy coach’!
So get ready to put black on white what has been tiring your mind!



Secrets to Build a Healthy Relationship with Your Employees & Gain in Reputation

With the viral issues of quiet quitting and quiet firing, isn’t it surprising that internal communication is still undervalued in many companies?!

This book highlights the importance of positive and constructive internal communication, emotional intelligence, coaching, empowerment, and employee alignment with the company’s vision and mission. It also guides you to professionally apply all internal communication strategies to maintain a healthy working environment.

You will understand what might be going wrong, come up with your own solutions, and adapt them to your environment to create a positive and constructive spirit around you, preventing conflicts from happening along the way.

You will then be able to assess how efficiently you are dealing and communicating with your internal audience.

It is the perfect start to develop your internal ambassadors’ communication skills and build a successful empire!


How to Manage a Corporate Crisis Preserving the Company’s Image

A crisis can threaten the existence of any company. However, a crisis prevention and management guide can help you prevent or respond quickly to any problem and turn it into an opportunity!

This book gives you a clearer idea about the different types of crises, their sources, and how to identify, prevent, manage, handle, and evaluate them. It will help you develop the skills to anticipate potential crises, set a suitable plan, and quickly locate appropriate solutions.

The highlight of this book is that it prepares you: the boss, the manager, the crisis management team, the media personnel, the spokesperson, the regular employee, and everyone involved to communicate perfectly or apply communication strategies throughout this process.

Preventing or responding directly to any problem is hugely vital. Still, you will understand that evaluating the crisis and learning from this experience is as important as any other step in crisis management. You will know how to mark the end of the issue, document how you responded to it, and assess and learn from this lesson.

This book has the benefit of helping you turn every minor issue to your advantage and will definitely, lead to an image boost.

Don’t forget to apply these very important tools to your personal life as well!


Secrets to Reveal True Feelings and Attitudes

Because 93% of communication is nonverbal, according to Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55% rule, this book will help you master nonverbal communication.

You will be introduced to body language and its various sub-categories. What confidential information and sometimes lack of consistency in behavior it discloses, and how it is interpreted differently across cultures.

Effective body language is almost entirely ignored in companies; however, it is incredibly vital and can hugely affect your work environment. In this book, you will find tips on how to communicate nonverbally in the workplace or during job interviews properly.

You will be able to identify the body language mistakes you don’t realize when interacting with different people and understand the others’ nonverbal messages.

Knowledge in this field is essential to every business leader or employee. It guarantees to maintain good relationships with colleagues from the same or different culture, to ameliorate your performance with the staff and various clients; thus, ensuring a better work atmosphere.

It will give you so many insights. You won’t be disappointed!


From Distress to Well-Being at Work

Because good leadership is about inspiration, connection-building, and consideration, leadership is said to be an emotional process.

High emotional intelligence allows leaders to use their emotions in many functional ways and aids them in developing a compelling vision for their company. They can use positive emotions to envision and implement beneficial improvements.

It also helps leaders revisit their judgments and guarantee that they will carefully consider potential risks or problems involved. They will also be able to recognize followers’ emotional states and seek to manage them accordingly.

Emotional intelligence is thus a key determinant of effective leadership.

Acquire the skills of tomorrow’s leaders to successfully handle worldwide rising issues of quiet quitting and quiet firing and other related newly emerged concepts.

Be the leader allowing everyone around you to thrive now and live a successful and fulfilling life!


How to Build a Reputable Business Inside Out

If you know nothing about business communication or are an expert in the field, this book is a must! It is worth millions in business coaching and consultancy!

It will help you understand the importance of communication in any company on all levels, internally or externally, and know how to deal with significant crises through proper and clever communication.

Businesses must be aware that only positive and well-structured communication can make them profitable in the long term and under all circumstances.

A large part of it shows how to build an outstanding image for any company through advertising, branding, public relations, media relations, social media, and corporate social responsibility. When the company’s image and reputation are well established, the company can only become more and more profitable.

Internal communication is also an essential part of this book as it reveals how to keep the best employees and build a positive and constructive company culture that allows them to thrive and be motivated. This factor is essential for any company to grow.

You will also know where to start if you need to create a Communication Department from scratch depending on the size of your company and how to deal with advertising agencies if need be.

It includes a step-by-step process of creating a communication strategy and plan to give your company a clear and transparent identity, leading to the credibility all stakeholders wish for.

Knowing how to communicate is crucial to the company’s survival in times of crisis. Turning a crisis into an opportunity is the goal of a well-prepared crisis communication strategy detailed in this book.

Now you know what Business Communication is all about!



Everything You Need to Know About Political Leadership

If you aim at becoming a great leader or want to effectively coach political leaders to bring out the best in them, this book is for you!

You will learn what leadership, in general, and political leadership, in particular, are all about.

Political leadership characteristics, roles, qualities, style, competencies, and other essential criteria won’t be secrets for you anymore!

In addition to the case studies, this part will help leaders develop their leadership style and skills or guide coaches to aid politicians in mastering critical issues professionally.

This book gives you valuable information to become an influential, effective leader!


Everything You Need to to Build a Successful Political Brand

With the boom of commercial marketing tools and techniques, political leaders are treated like brands today! And brands are supposed to automatically suggest what this political leader or parties and organizations stand for.

This book shows how creating and ‘selling’ a perfect political brand to the public is possible.

It explains the importance of branding as a concept and the particularities of political branding and rebranding.

Numerous branding elements and concepts will help you understand what political branding is all about.

This book also gives you a detailed process to brand a political figure successfully.

It is your perfect guide to brand successfully and lead effectively!


How to Coach Political Leaders Efficiently through Highly Challenging Times

Whenever a person sets a goal, coaching helps this person achieve it. It is a win-win situation for both: the coach and the coachee.

The power of a coach is to deeply understand political leaders from different levels, cultures, and interests. The goal is to help them advance in their political careers considering their particular context.

Embarking on your political journey is challenging, yet, this book will help you become the political coach you were meant to be!

It will maximize your influence and leadership skills.

The Book on Political Coaching will introduce you to coaching, its theories, obstacles, purpose, roles, and goals. You will also be able to differentiate between coaching, mentoring, and consulting and shed light on coaching misconceptions.

Since ethics is paramount to effective coaching, the code of ethics in political coaching and ethical obstacles are included in the content.

It is your ultimate chance to improve your political coaching skills and guide your coachee professionally.


A Step-by-step Methodology to Follow in Every Political Coaching Mission

Coaches offer their services on many topics, with some specializing in areas like leadership, business, communication, work, sports, life fitness, health, or wellness.However, political coaching is still a knowledge mainly addressed to the niche of politicians worldwide, and not many abide by it.

Politicians and business leaders, for instance, lead different lives and cannot be coached the same way, considering the particularities of each world.

Not every coach can be a political coach. It requires special knowledge in the field of politics.

This book gives you a structured political coaching methodology you will never find anywhere else. It gathers crucial tips and ideas you can use to refine your coaching skills in the political sphere.

It is what every coach needs to feel self-confident, poised, and credible to help political leaders or organizations fulfill their destinies and show what they stand for.

It’s a new business in a book!