Basics of Effective Communication at Work

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Basics of Effective Communication at Work


Long ignored emails in the staff’s inbox, missing files, incomplete tasks, no clue who will be handling what, low productivity, lack of innovation, missed deadlines or time pressures, no response, poor and offensive feedback… Do all of these, or one of these, look familiar to you?! That’s, in short, what ineffective communication at work looks like.

Effectual communication in the workplace is central towards reaching all your business goals and fulfilling your corporate vision and mission. Why is it pivotal? Simply because it solves or prevents all what has been mentioned earlier!

This training will address this topic in details, first by throwing light on the sources of conflicts in the workplace and how to solve each through communication, coaching, mediation, and nonviolent communication. We will guide you on how to create a positive work environment and furnish you with all the keys to communicate smoothly, efficiently, and positively.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the importance of internal communication and its effects on motivation and productivity
  • Master the different ways and tools to smoothly communicate internally
  • Pinpoint the sources of conflicts in your company
  • Understand the concept of positive work environment
  • Identify ways to create a positive work environment
  • Learn how to prevent and manage conflicts through communication
  • Discover how to use mediation, coaching, to solve conflicts
  • Learn the basics and aspects of nonviolent communication

Class Hosting

  • This training will be hosted on Zoom
  • Your individual link will be emailed to you after you register
  • Missed a part of it? Don’t worry. The recording will be made available for 48 hours so you can re-watch in your own time.
  • Due to limited seating in each class, all tickets purchases are final.

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