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Program Description

Isn’t it surprising that internal communication is still undervalued in many companies?!

To recognize the importance of effectively communicating internally, the Business Communication Academy offers you its Internal Communication program which is composed of two parts: a theoretical and a practical. 

The theoretical part sheds light on the importance of internal communication, emotional intelligence, coaching, empowerment, and employee alignment to the company’s vision and mission. It also guides you to professionally apply all internal communication strategies to maintain a healthy working environment. 

The second part gives you the opportunity to not only apply what you have learned in the first section, but to assess how efficiently you are dealing and communicating with your internal audience too. Additionally, some of the practical exercises help you examine and coach yourself, noting that you can benefit from a few of them to coach your employees! 

Learning from this valuable program is the perfect start to develop your own and your ‘internal ambassadors’ communication skills, and build a successful empire!

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the concepts of internal communication, emotional intelligence, coaching, alignment and their different types and/or categories
  2. Recognize the importance of applying each concept in every business
  3. Learn how to apply or develop these concepts in your company
  4. Identify different internal communication tools and audience
  5. Learn how to develop a corporate vision and mission and align your employees to each
  6. Know how to successfully coach yourself and the workers
  7. Evaluate how you are communicating internally
  8. Discover yourself through coaching
  9. Develop plans to communicate and fulfill your vision and mission

Key Concepts

  1. Internal communication
  2. Internal target audience
  3. Internal communication tools
  4. Emotional intelligence
  5. Coaching
  6. Employee empowerment
  7. Employee motivation
  8. Employee engagement
  9. Employee alignment
  10. Corporate mission
  11. Mission statement
  12. Corporate vision
  13. Vision statement


  1. Full Program in PDF (61 pages)
    • Theoretical Part (28 pages)
    • Practical Exercises (13 exercises)
  2. PowerPoint Presentation (61 slides)


I-  Internal Communication Assessment

II-  Self-Regulation Assessment

III- Self-Motivation Assessment

IV- Personal SWOT Analysis

V- Developing Your Company’s Vision and Mission

VI- Setting and Achieving Goals

VII- Setting SMART Goals

VIII- Communicating New Decisions

IX- Crisis Communication

X- Providing Feedback

XI- Encouraging Employees to Speak Up

You can download the course materials by clicking on the links for each file. The files are available in the "Materials" section for each lesson.

Course Materials:

  1. Full Program in PDF (61 pages)
    • Theoretical Part (28 pages)
    • Practical Exercises (13 exercises)
  2. PowerPoint Presentation (61 slides)