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Course Description

If you know nothing about business communication or if you are an expert in the field, the Ultimate Guide to Business Communication is a must!

This program is to help you understand the importance of communication in any company on all levels, whether internally or externally and to know how to deal with major crises through proper and clever communication.

To be able to be really profitable on the long term and under all circumstances, it is crucial to be aware that it can only be done through positive and well structured communication.

This guide is worth millions in business coaching and consultancy! 

You will first understand why communication is so important in a company, and how it is necessary to adapt it to each target audience.

A large part of it shows how to build an outstanding image for any company through advertising, branding, public relations, media relations, social media and corporate social responsibility. When the image and the reputation of the company are well established, the company can only become more and more profitable.

Internal communication also has an important part of this guide as it reveals how to keep the best employees and how to build a positive and constructive company culture that allows them to thrive and be motivated, a factor that is essential for a company to grow.

The Ultimate Guide to Business Communication will also tell you in details where to start from if you need to create a Communication Department from scratch depending on the size of your company and how to deal with advertising agencies if need be.

It gives you the step-by-step process of the creation of a communication strategy and plan that will allow your company to have a clear and transparent identity, leading to a credibility that all stakeholders search for.

In times of crises, knowing how to communicate is crucial to the survival of the company. Turning a crisis into an opportunity is the goal of a well-prepared crisis communication strategy that is detailed in this guide as well. 

Truly a lot more than a brief program description can explain…

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the importance of business communication for any business to become more profitable. 
  2. Identify all the branches of external communication to create a very good reputation and a credible image.
  3. Identify the public relations techniques depending on the company’s needs.
  4. Develop a strong partnership with the media.
  5. Recognize the importance of social media in the image of a company.
  6. Recognize the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility on the image of the company.
  7. Recognize the fact that a clear communication flow is essential internally for employee retention and for a motivated and proactive workforce.
  8. Distinguish the different internal target audiences.
  9. Identify efficient ways to communicate internally.
  10. Understand the main functions and profiles of a communication department.
  11. Develop a full communication department based on the needs of the company, including how to cooperate with advertising agencies if needed. 
  12. Analyze and assess current communication strategies and related activities for a better evaluation and a clear diagnosis. 
  13. Develop business communication strategies and plans, internally and externally, for any company that wants to grow.
  14. Develop crisis management strategies and understand how to turn a crisis into an opportunity through communication.

Key Concepts

  1. Business Communication
  2. Theory of Communication
  3. External and Internal Target Audiences
  4. Advertising Agencies
  5. Branding
  6. Rebranding
  7. Image 
  8. Reputation
  9. Public Relations
  10. Media Relations
  11. Social Media
  12. Corporate Social Responsibility
  13. Internal Communication
  14. Team Motivation
  15. Communication Department
  16. Communication Strategy
  17. Communication Plan
  18. Crisis Communication Strategies
  19. Crisis Management
  20. Profitable Business
  21. Internal Communication Strategy
  22. Healthy Communication Flow
  23. Positive and Constructive Environment
  24. Company Culture
  25. Conflict Prevention


  1. Full Program in PDF (202 pages)
    • Theoretical Part (163 pages)
    • Practical Exercises (7 exercises)
  2. Power Point Presentation (290 slides)


I- “Yahoo’s Poor Communication of its ‘In Office’ Policy” 

II- Your Employee Testing Positive for Covid-19

III- Communicating Your Company’s Success

IV- Developing a PR Campaign

V- Creating a Social Media Strategy

VI- Questions to Discover Your Brand

VII- Brand Overview

You can download the course materials by clicking on the links for each file. The files are available in the "Materials" section for each lesson.

  Course Materials:

  1. Full Program in PDF (202 pages)
    • Theoretical Part (163 pages)
    • Practical Exercises (7 exercises)
  2. Power Point Presentation (290 slides)