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Program Description

A crisis can threaten the existence of any company; yet, a Crisis Prevention and Management guide can help you prevent or respond quickly to any problem and turn it into an opportunity!

This program gives you a clearer idea about the different types of crises, their sources, how to identify, prevent, manage, handle, and evaluate them. It will help you develop the skills to anticipate potential crises, set the suitable plan and quickly locate appropriate solutions. 

The highlight of the Crisis Prevention and Management program is that it prepares you: the boss, the manager, the crisis management team, the media personnel, the spokesperson, the regular employee, etc., to perfectly communicate or apply communication strategies throughout this process. 

Preventing or responding directly to any problem is extremely vital, but the last part of this program shows you that evaluating the crisis and learning from this experience is as important as any other step in crisis management. Hence, you will learn how to mark the end of the issue, document how you responded to it, assess and learn from this lesson. 

Learning from this program will make you turn every small issue to your advantage and will, definitely, lead to an image boost.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the different types and characteristics of crises.
  2. Analyze all aspects of a crisis.
  3. Develop appropriate plans and strategies to prevent and/or manage any possible crisis.
  4. Recognize the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and good relations with the media and society on the image of the company particularly during a crisis.
  5. Learn how to communicate internally and externally in times of crises.
  1. Learn how to use the media for your advantage.
  2. Analyze the cultural, economic, and political, and societal implications and potential consequences of a crisis situation.
  3. Transform a crisis into a potential opportunity for the parties concerned.

Key Concepts

  1. Crisis management
  2. Crisis prevention
  3. Crisis intervention
  4. Crisis evaluation
  5. Potential crises
  6. Systemic crisis
  7. Individual crisis
  8. Transcrisis state
  9. Crisis theories
  10. Corporate Social Responsibility
  11. Crisis management planning
  12. Crisis management team
  13. Crisis communication management


  1. Full Program in PDF (92 pages)
  • Theoretical Part (68 pages)
  • Practical Exercises (7 exercises)
  1. Power Point Presentation (166 slides)


I- Solving Nokia’s Crisis

II- Dealing with an Unexpected Explosion

III- Communicating a ‘Carcinogenic Crisis’

IV- Handling Your Discriminatory Ad Crisis

V- Developing a CSR Project

VI- Fire at Your Oil and Gas Company

VII- Rotten Salmon at Your Supplier’s Warehouse

You can download the course materials by clicking on the links for each file. The files are available in the "Materials" section for each lesson.

Course Materials:

  1. Full Program in PDF (92 pages)
    • Theoretical Part (68 pages)
    • Practical Exercises (7 exercises)
  2. Power Point Presentation (166 slides)