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Course Description

Embarking on your political journey is tough; yet, the Political Coaching Academy (PCA) is ready to help you become the politician you were meant to be! 

The two parts that the Political Coaching program offers will help you maximize your influence and leadership skills.

The first part includes a detailed introduction to coaching and its theories, obstacles, purpose, roles and goals. The theoretical part will also help you differentiate between coaching, mentoring and consulting as well as shed light on coaching misconceptions. Since ethics is paramount to effective coaching, PCA offers you a small Ethics part including the code of ethics in political coaching and ethical obstacles. 

In addition to two interesting case studies, this program offers you a Practical Tools part in which you can benefit from a good variety of questions for your coaching sessions. 

This program is your ultimate chance to improve your political coaching skills and guide your coachee professionally. 

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define the concepts of coaching, political coaching, spin doctors, consulting and mentoring
  2. Understand the theories of coaching
  3. Learn when is the right time to seek political coaching
  4. Recognize the goals, purpose and tools of political coaching
  5. Differentiate between coaching, consulting and mentoring
  6. Determine what political coaching is not
  7. Understand coaching ethics
  8. Develop a coaching process and learn about its obstacles
  9. Learn about mentoring, its types, benefits, goals
  10. Set up an effective mentoring program

Key Concepts

  1. Coaching
  2. Political coaching
  3. Consulting
  4. Mentoring
  5. Diagnosis
  6. Ethics
  7. Code of ethics
  8. Spin doctor
  9. Purpose coaching
  10. Progress coaching
  11. Process coaching
  12. Perspective coaching
  13. Polarity coaching
  14. Potential coaching


  1. Full course in PDF (84 pages)
    • Theoretical part (59 pages)
    • Practical tools (5 exercises)
  2. PowerPoint Presentations (99 slides)


I- Pre-Coaching Questions to Ask Yourself

II- Post-Coaching Self-Assessment Questions

III- Introductory Questions for Your Coachee

IV- Questions to Help Your Coachee Set a Plan

You can download the course materials by clicking on the links for each file. The files are available in the "Materials" section for each lesson. Course Materials:

  1. Full course in PDF (84 pages)
    • Theoretical part (59 pages)
    • Practical tools (5 exercises)
  2. PowerPoint Presentations (99 slides)