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Program Description

If you are struggling to make decisions about your future, not knowing what major, university, or job to choose, or aren’t sure of the options and opportunities you have, here’s a program that will definitely guide your way, and help you make smart, correct choices. 

The “Brain Unfolded Program for Undergraduates” includes four modules. You will find in each straight to the point theoretical parts which give a brief explanation on the topic, its prominence, practical tips and “how to”. Themes addressed in this course include happiness, purpose in life, education, career, passion, vision, character and personality, emotional intelligence, goal-setting, etc. 

Deep brain-teaser questions follow each theoretical section. These, basically self-reflective, questions give you the chance to think of, find, assess, analyze, compare, filter, and prioritize things that make you, you: the distinct, unique, talented, ambitious, special you! By deeply reflecting on these questions, you will be able to discover your true self, purpose, and goal in life. Accordingly, you will be totally capable of making accurate decisions regarding your future, college, degree, career, or life. 

Our ultimate goal is that you live a very, very, happy life!

We totally guarantee that this program will be your all-time favorite ‘handy coach’! So get ready to put black on white what has been tiring your mind! 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discover yourself 
  2. Determine your purpose and interests in life
  3. State your vision 
  4. Compare, assess, and prioritize different self, life, educational, and career aspects 
  5. List your strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes
  6. Set accurate goal-based plans
  7. Understand emotional intelligence
  8. Recognize how emotionally intelligent you are
  9. Make accurate choices regarding your major and career

Key Concepts

  1. Fulfilled life
  2. Goal-setting
  3. Emotional intelligence
  4. Passion
  5. Education 
  6. Major
  7. Career
  8. Community service
  9. Entrepreneurship
  10. Ethical money
  11. Memory bag questions


  1. Full program in PDF (53 pages)
    • Theoretical part 
    • Practical part (20 exercises)
  2. PowerPoint Presentation (56 slides)

You can download the course materials by clicking on the links for each file. The files are available in the "Materials" section for each lesson. Course Materials:

  1. Full program in PDF (53 pages)
    • Theoretical part 
    • Practical part (20 exercises)
  2. PowerPoint Presentation (56 slides)